Текила Casamigos

Casamigos Tequila

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About Casamigos Tequila

Casamigos Tequila Essential Facts

  • Available as blanco, reposado and añejo
  • Made small-batch from blue weber agave grown for a minimum of seven years in Mexico’s Jalisco Highlands
  • 80 percent ABV

How you should drink Casamigos Tequila

  • Neat
  • On the rocks
  • In cocktails (Margarita, Paloma, El Diablo)

Types of Casamigos Tequila Available

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How George Clooney and 2 friends accidentally created a tequila you can drink all day without getting a hangover

  • Casamigos started as an idea between Clooney and friend Rande Gerber while they were in Mexico.
  • They researched extensively to create a tequila they could drink all day without getting a hangover.
  • Clooney and Gerber still taste every batch of the tequila, which is sold in 20 countries and doubled its volume of sales in 2016.

George Clooney’s success in the world of Hollywood is well known — as are his efforts in political activism and humanitarian work.

A lesser known fact is that the actor and two friends founded one of the fastest-growing tequila brands in the world by accident in 2013 — and he is still heavily involved in the business.

Clooney came up with the tequila idea with ex-bar and nightclub owner Rande Gerber (who also happens to be the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford) while the two were spending time at their houses in Mexico.

They had met nearly 30 years ago while George was shooting one of his first films in New York.

“He was coming into one of my bars called Morgan’s at the time. so I met him at the bar over a tequila,” Gerber told Business Insider. “He was spending three months in New York, and every night we would hang out at the bar and we became great friends.”

The two would go on golf trips around the country with other friends — “It was called ‘the Golf trip,’ but we played maybe nine holes now and then” — which is where they met real estate guru Mike Meldman.

“A mutual friend connected us, saying we should play at one of Mike’s golf courses,” Gerber said. “He took care of us and we developed a friendship through that, then we built our homes in Mexico in Mike’s development.”

Clooney and Gerber’s houses sat beside each other on the piece of property, which was called Casamigos.

“It felt like one compound,” Gerber said. “We’d have a bunch of our friends there — breakfast at our place, lunch at his, dinner at ours. It felt like one big house.”

And their meal times often involved sipping tequila.

“Casamigos really started by accident as far as a company,” he said. “As you do in Mexico, we would drink a lot of tequila. We’d go out to bars and restaurants and bartenders would recommend them. Some were good, some not so good, and some expensive. There came a point where George turned to me and said, ‘Why don’t we create one that’s perfect for us?'”

“We wanted one that didn’t burn going down, that was super smooth, and had the right flavour profile. One that we didn’t have to mix — typically we drink it straight or on the rocks – that we could drink all day long and not be hungover in the morning.”

Tequila pilgrimage

The duo began their tequila pilgrimage. They did research, met with distillers, trialled samples, and did blind taste tests with their friends and family until they found a recipe with no burn at all.

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“It ended up being almost two years and 700 samples later — it was perfect,” Gerber said. “There was a point where we all chose one, and it was ours. Not only did we know we had something great that we loved, but all of our friends loved it as well.”

Bottles were ordered, served, and drank at their homes in Casamigos, which fittingly means “House of Friends.”

While the pair may claim they can drink it all day and not be hungover the next, it’s probably not recommended for inexperienced tequila drinkers — the average bottle contains 40% alcohol.

Without even realising, Gerber said he and Clooney were bringing in about 1,000 bottles to the UK, and were told by the distiller that they needed to get licensed.

“He’s wonderful at marketing, and caters to the high-end market,” Gerber said. “He’s smart, and has incredible relationships.”

The tequila gold rush

The ultra-premium small batch tequila is aged and barreled, Gerber said, while a master distiller “chooses the right moment to take it from the barrel to the bottle.” He added: “We use old brick ovens, and the agaves are grown for seven to nine years — it’s a long process.”

They use a simple stick-on label on an unfussy bottle, with a plain cork to seal it. The brand sells reposado, anejo, and blanco tequilas, which range from $32 (£26) to $42 (£34), depending on where you buy them, according to Gerber.

“What was really important for George and I was that we have the best tequila, but we make it affordable for everyone,” he said. “George doesn’t need the money, I didn’t need it, Mike didn’t need it — it wasn’t the reason behind launching a tequila. We wanted everyone to be able to drink it and not be exclusive.”

A post shared by Casamigos Tequila (@casamigos) on Feb 21, 2017 at 1:49pm PST Feb 21, 2017 at 1:49pm PST

Partly due to having George’s name attached, the brand “immediately took off” through word of mouth, according to Gerber.

“We started winning awards, which legitimises you,” he said. The brand has won gold medals at the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, The New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, The Spirits of Mexico Tasting Competition, and from The Beverage Testing Institute. “From then on it gained momentum.”

The brand doubled its volume of sales from 38,000 nine-litre cases in 2014 to 80,000 in 2015, according to Ad Age, which said it was part of a tequila “gold rush.” Casamigos says it more than doubled its volume again in 2016.

It is sold in 20 countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Gerber, who now works full-time running Casamigos, declined to provide exact sales figures for last year and would not discuss the company’s earnings.

Everything is done in-house in offices in LA, were Rande is based, as well as New York and Arizona. He added that George and Mike are still heavily involved.

“We all contribute an equal amount. Even though I run the company, we all play our own role,” he said. “George is very involved in the business. He’s in LA this week, and he’ll be in the office when he’s here to go over ideas.”

The two also make sure they taste every batch.

“We have our master distiller, and he’s so great that we know they’re all consistent, but when a new batch comes out he’ll send a bottle and George and I will taste it,” Gerber said. “We always want to be the first or the second one to taste it. It’s kind of a tradition. We open the bottle, toast, and take a sip.”

“It’s always perfect. If you have a great master distiller, they have this palette and sense of smell and taste that has almost been passed down from generation to generation,” he said. “We want to be part of that process.”

Brits are turning to tequila

Gerber added that Casamigos has been “incredible” growth in the UK, where beforehand it “wasn’t that big of a thing.” It is sold in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, but it is pricier than it is in America, with a bottle of Añejo setting you back £77.99 in the former.

“George and [his wife] Amal have a beautiful home in the UK now, and he wanted to make sure he could drink it there,” Gerber said. “Even though Brits aren’t known as tequila drinkers, a lot of whisky drinkers and vodka drinkers have switched to drinking Casamigos.”

Gerber added that it’s “not your typical tequila” as it is low in calories and made from 100% Blue Weber Agaves , which he says has helped it catch on with both men and women.

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“The authenticity of everything that we’ve done, from making it ourselves to naming it, has been an extension of who we are and our lifestyle,” Gerber said. “It’s been a fun thing for us to do.”

While the pair recently sold their homes in Mexico, Geber said they’re looking at building new ones in the same place. Who knows what idea their next abodes will inspire.

Casamigos Reposado Tequila

Обзор: Casamigos Reposado Tequila 90,5/100

Обзор Чипа Дыкстры (Aka Arctic Wolf)

Опубликовано 27 января 2015 г. (пересмотрено 29 июля 2017 г.)

Casamigos — это бренд Текила, ранее принадлежавший Джорджу Клуни, Рэнде Герберу и Майку Мелдману.

Я говорю ранее, потому что, согласно недавним сообщениям (см. Здесь), три друга только что продали бренд Diageo за первоначальный взнос в размере 700 миллионов долларов. Дополнительные платежи, основанные на продажах в течение следующего десятилетия, могут принести дополнительные 300 миллионов долларов, которые потенциально могут сделать Casamigos миллиардным доходом. (Ожидается, что Клуни и его друзья Рэнде Гербер и Майкл Мелдман останутся с компанией после приобретения, возможно, сыграв роль в маркетинге нового бренда Diageo.)

Согласно веб-сайту Casamigos, это сверхвысокая текила, выполненная в небольшом периодическом процессе из «отборных вручную 100% синих веберовских агавов, выращенных в богатой красной глине и прохладном климате нагорья Халиско, Мексика». Как Highland Tequila, мы можем ожидать, что Casamigos будет демонстрировать сильные фруктовые цитрусовые ноты и иметь небольшой перец в доставке и в отделке. (Это в отличие от низменности текилы, которая имеет более прочные земные ароматы агавы и менее горячего перца).

На веб-сайте мы расскажем, что пинья из выбранной вручную агавы обжарены в традиционных кирпичных печах в течение 72 часов до их ферментации. В течение длительного 80-часового ферментации эти пинья подвергаются специальной смеси дрожжей, которые, как говорят, поддерживают «последовательный, изысканный аромат». Текила Casamigos Reposado выдерживается в американском дубе в течение 7 месяцев, прежде чем бутилироваться в 40% спирта по объему.

Хотя сайт Casamigos не указывает точный ликеро-водочный завод, который производит этот агавный дух, я заметил, что идентифицированный NOM на обратной стороне этикетки — 1416. Этот идентификатор NOM требуется правительству Мексики для размещения на этикетке каждой бутылки из текилы, чтобы проверить, что она производится на законных основаниях из агавы, полученной в регионе Текила в Мексике. Каждый ликеро-водочный завод имеет свой собственный НОМ, и, таким образом, мы можем проследить за ликеро-водочным заводом. В этом случае Productos Finos de Agave также производит Avion Tequila.

Casamigos Reposado прибывает в прозрачную среднюю высокую бутылку, показанную слева. Простой бежевый ярлык говорит мне, что дух сделан из 100% Agave Azul (Blue Weber Agave) из Халиско, Мексика. Учитывая, что Джордж Клуни, Рэнде Гербер и Майк Мелдман продвигают дух как Ultra Premium Tequila, я ожидал большего стиля в презентации. Я понимаю, что производители пытаются понять мастерство рук, предлагая, что то, что внутри бутылки, важно, и что дополнительные деньги, потраченные на причудливую этикетку или бутылку с причудливым, просто поднимут стоимость. Однако, учитывая, что знаменитый толчок получил этот продукт, который, как я подозревал, был уже дорогим, я ожидал презентации, которая выделяла более класс.

Я вылил небольшой образец Casamigos Reposado в мой glencairn и продолжил мой обзор с хорошим взглядом на дух, прежде чем я начал его переносить. Текила имеет светлый соломенный цвет, отражающий 7 месяцев, которые он оставил в Американском дубе. Я дал стеклу легкий наклон и медленный вихрь, и я обнаружил, что на внутренней стороне стекла остался легкий блеск, гребень которого оставил множество маленьких длинноногих капель, которые умерли в спину в умеренном темпе , Толщина и цвет больше, чем я видел в других текилах Reposado, это может быть связано с использованием новых дубовых бочек в процессе покоя.

Когда я принес стакан в нос, я быстро заметил резкую перечную ноту, характерную для горной текилы. Я часто называю эту перечную записку, которая видна в Хайлендской текиле, «горный визг», когда он натыкается на меня визгом пряности. Zesty citrus лежит рядом с белым перцем, добавляя к пряности.

Разумеется, мягкий ароматный ароматический аромат, сопровождаемый этой пряностью. Этот ароматный аромат агавы закаляет белый перец и требует более тщательного осмотра. Легкую карамельную сладость несет агава, как и с некоторой ванильной мягкостью, и просто намек на чай улун и молочный шоколад. Это может быть мое воображение, но легкая карамельная сладость в аромате, похоже, несла впечатления о коле. Это очень хорошая текила reposado!

Первоначальный вход немного мягкий и маслянистый с сильным впечатлением от карамельной сладости, чем подразумевается нос. Молочный шоколад и немного морской соли, похоже, вымываются из карамели, делая это очень интересной текилой, чтобы выпить. Конечно, мы также испытываем этот визг высокогорного белого перца, но пряность не превращается в ожог через неба (он нагревает вкус со специями). Агава на вкус мягкий и фруктовый дает мне впечатление жареных цуккини и подорожника. Ароматы, как правило, высокогорья, хотя и с несколькими новыми интересными акцентами.

Как потягивающая текила, Casamigos Reposado прекрасно, но я тоже хотел попробовать несколько коктейлей. Я начал с Коктейля Лекси, который в основном является Маргаритой, сделанной как извести, так и сока лимона. Коктейль был очень приятным, и я последовал за ним с другим подобным коктейлем, за исключением того, что я добавил крейп из грейпфрута в бутылку. Я был достаточно доволен результатом, чтобы сделать мой новый коктейль моим предложенным предложением ниже.

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Casamigos Reposado выходит со световой дозой белого перца, за которым следует карамельный шоколад. Прикосновение морского рассола добавляет приветствующее новое измерение, с которым я не часто встречаюсь в текиле.

Casamigos Reposado — это гладкий дух текилы с приятным хриповым визгом белого перца, уравновешенным слегка сладкой карамелью и мягкими фруктовыми ароматами агавы. Моя оценка 90,5/100 представляет собой дух, который пересек эту границу, где я мог бы рекомендовать ее исключительно как потягивающий дух. И потягивать конечно рекомендуется, но так же есть несколько элитных коктейлей Маргариты!

Вы можете прочитать некоторые из моих других обзоров Текилы (щелкните ссылку), если вы хотите получить некоторые сравнительные обзоры.

Текила Casamigos

NOTE: The review below is based on the original formula of Casamigos Tequila from 2013. The product you will find in stores today is different. The flavor profile has been modified to be MUCH sweeter and it smells like fake vanilla. As a result, we can no longer recommend this tequila to others.

George Clooney + tequila. Do we have your attention yet? The group behind the new Casamigos brand sure hopes so. They released a viral video campaign featuring Clooney, his girlfriend Stacy Keibler, Cindy Crawford, and her husband Rande Gerber, all falling into bed together after a night of drinking. (Clooney and Gerber are behind this brand.)

And the Casamigos website makes claims that caught our attention as well, including “The best tasting, smoothest tequila” and “a tequila that is smooth with no burn.”

So the question we wanted to answer was, “Is Casamigos worth all the hype?”

We initially learned that this tequila was coming to market several months ago, when a store clerk poured us a sample from an unmarked bottle he had stashed behind the counter. He told us it was George Clooney’s new tequila, and solicited our feedback. We couldn’t spend much time with it in the store, so we didn’t rush to judgement, but thought it was something that deserved examination in a better environment, using the proper glassware, and giving it plenty of time.

When we got home, we wanted to learn more about it, so the first thing we did was try to find out the NOM. The NOM is a four-digit number issued by the Mexican government to each legal entity that produces tequila. The NOM must appear on each bottle of tequila, and helps you identify the distillery where it is made. By looking for the NOM, we can start to figure out what a tequila may taste like based on where it was made. Casamigos is made at NOM 1416, which is the same distillery that makes well-known brands Avion (the “Entourage” tequila) and Clase Azul, among many others.

(By the way, if you want to have the ability to quickly look up a tequila and see what else is made in the same place, download the Tequila Matchmaker app for iOS and Android. It’s free and VERY useful. A lot of mass-produced brands that call themselves “artisanal” would rather you not have this information.)

The next thing we examined was price. BevMo in California is charging $45 for the blanco and $46 for the reposado, so it’s competing in a space where Fortaleza Blanco lives. The reposado is more expensive than another one of our favorites, Casa Noble Reposado, which retails for $43.

This price range set our expectations pretty damn high, so we picked up a couple bottles hoping for the best.

Before the blanco opened up we got faint aromas of mint and green agave. After a few minutes, some cinnamon started to come through, but for the most part, the aroma wasn’t very prominent.

Upon visual examination, the tequila clung to the side of the glass like a nice, oily tequila should, but once it hit our mouths it didn’t quite measure up with what we were expecting. It is sweet and slightly watery and lacks the sophistication and complexity of a tequila that commands this price range.

Casamigos Blanco is a relatively simple tequila with mint and cinnamon flavors, and a finish that is remarkably short.

The reposado brings all of the characteristics of the blanco, but with a heavy dose of caramel (which smells very good, by the way). It is aged 7 months in American Oak. It has a smoother mouth feel in the front, but has a slightly rougher (or ‘scratchy’) finish.

The Verdict

After spending a couple hours with Casamigos Tequila, we decided that although it was pleasant and sippable, it really didn’t live up to its price tag.

The question now is can its celebrity endorsements keep the brand afloat?

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